Rewards Card Program

Marathon Members Card

It's Our Way of Rewarding Our Valued Customers.

Link your checking account securely to the Marathon Members Card to pay for gas and items you buy in the store (excluding lottery, money orders, and gift cards). Each purchase will be paid for from your checking account automatically.

it is the best of both worlds - a convenient way to pay less for fuel

Where Can I Get A Card?

Visit any participating Marathon location and request a card inside the store from one of our employees.

How Do I Enroll?

Enroll online at Here you will link your checking account to your card. Next select a secure User ID/PIN to enter at the pump when you insert your card to pay - just as you do today with a bank debit card.

Complete the enrollment and submit for authorization. We do a 2-step verification to make sure that only you will be authorized to get a card in your name.

Once the verification is complete you will receive an email directing you to activate your card online. You can now start using your Marathon Members Card to receive your fuel discount each time you make a purchase.

This is a payment card; it is not a credit card. Enrolling does not impact your credit score.

Requirements to enroll:

  • Checking account
  • Driver's license
  • Email Address
  • You must be 18 years or older

Contact customer service at 877-403-2222 with any questions you might have.

How Do I Use It To Make A Purchase?

Insert your card at the pump and enter your User ID/PIN.

The price will roll-back instantly at the pump - up to 12 cents off each gallon you buy.

The price you pay will be the discounted price.

It's that simple!

Each time you make a purchase you will receive an email detailing the transaction. It is a great way for you to track your purchases.

Your bank statement will also reflect each transaction you paid for using the Marathon Members Card.

Usage limits are a maximum of $100 per transaction, $150 daily/4 transaction per day and $500 weekly/12 transaction per week.

You can also use your card to make in-store purchases!

Enrollment is Safe and Easy!

Your User ID/PIN is required to be entered on each purchase.

The card can only be used at participating Marathon locations.

Enrollment is performed on a secured website; information is protected in a secure data center.

Your account information will not be disclosed to any outside party.

We have contracted with National Payment Card AssociationⓇ to process transactions. They operate under the rules and regulations of the Federal Reserve's Automated Clearing House.